LeitGeber Transport is a provider of comprehensive solutions for transport of goods in refrigerated trucks and liquid goods in tank trucks. Our fleet also comprises tautliners for transport of bulky goods.

LeitGeber Transport OfferWe carry such goods as:

  • Food sector
    • refrigerated trucks – fruit, vegetables, fats, meat, dairy products, sandwiches
    • tank trucks – oils, fats, juices, dairy products
  • Goods sector
    • tautliners – car parts, machinery, wood fancy goods, etc.
    • refrigerated trucks – brown and white goods, pharmaceuticals

We offer solutions for full-load operations and groupage transport, with optional warehousing and further distribution of goods to the customer. We provide services throughout Europe, including such countries as the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark and Austria.

We hold the required documentation which allows us to deliver our Customers’ orders, including: ATP and FRC certificates, decisions of the State Sanitary Inspection, continuous checkup, cleaning and means of transport operation logs, results of drivers’ medical examinations, carrier’s third-party liability insurance policies, etc.

Continuous supervision and keeping in touch with drivers allows for immediate response if required.

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